Fir Heat
Crystal Rays

PEMF Magnetism


Help supplement your healthy lifestyle and wellness with natural powers and energies.

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“Fine Art For Bodies”

“Fine Art For Bodies” is more than just the name of a service.
It is the manifestation of the belief that getting a tattoo should be a personalized, transformative, evolutionary, visual and sensory experience.”


Dr. Karampahtsis utilizes Anti-aging, Regenerative and Natural Medicine for early detection, prevention and promotion of healing in the body.


Fruits & Vegetables

Get the right intake of all your daily fruits and vegetables, in a capsule!


CBD the Remedy

Uses high-quality CBD products in order to assure people a healthier and happier life. In order to implement our idea, we produce Hemp oil Vapor Pen w/550mg which is highly effective and works faster within the body.


The Comfort and
Care You Deserve...

From the comfort of your own home, to assisted living facilities, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and doctor’s offices, our staff has the skill set, certifications and experience to serve every type of facility. Your care and well-being is our ONLY priority.

We’re Your Long-Term Solution
to Your Short-Term Needs


Tower Garden

The Best way to know what goes in your belly is by growing your own food!


Lipogenex utilizes innovative technologies and Medical grade skin care to rejuvenate your appearance and reverse the signs of aging.


Top-Notch Vehicle Appraisals since 1971

We provide licensed appraisals for fair market value or actual cash value, replacement value, forced fair market value, and forced liquidation values.