Coaching & Wellness

Ready for a boost of your self-esteem? Emotional healing?
How about a Mindset shift?

Your entire lifestyle affects your energy. How you feel physically, your mental sanity, your emotional balance and your spiritual alignment depend on your body’s energy. Dr. Stone compared the body to a house with plumbing, heat, light, drainage, etc. This ‘house’ has three levels (mental, emotional and physical) and five phases (space, gas, heat, liquids, solids).

An effective health system must incorporate and address the issues of all parts of the whole. It is up to the tenant, “You” (the consciousness, soul, or spirit) to keep the house (mind, feelings, body) in good condition, and the different tools and specialities are used for different parts of the house.

If you feel it is “Time” to identify and clarify your goals, forgive others, release old feelings, improve your relationships with loved ones and co-workers then, let’s get motivated with a clear action plan. Create healthy boundaries. Work through major life transitions. Develop and implement organizational skills. Be held accountable to take the action. Develop leadership and public speaking skills . Save Time. Reduce Stress. Be Happy & Healthy.

Get clarity and a greater awareness with Wellness Coaching!

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In Person

60 Minutes 120$ ~ 30 Minutes 60$

If you are in town and want a Wellness Coaching appointment, come visit me at my office in old town Scottsdale.

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By Phone

60 Minutes 90$ ~ 30 Minutes 50$

You can be anywhere in the world, still in your pajamas and I am just a phone call away.

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By Skype

60 Minutes 90$ ~ 30 Minutes 50$

It’s great to see you and get a visual of your physical and energetic body as this helps me understand more about you.


Maria Kalamas is a featured interview for the documentary, "A Created Life - A Journey To Empowerment." Please like the film's Facebook Page: Tune in to the films web page for updates on screenings, media, and public events: From Maria's web site: "Through her heart and hands her mission is to ignite a passion and enthusiasm for life and well-being of those that are in need of inspiration, motivation, self-healing and balance."