Modern Medicine Woman

Maria is your Modern Medicine Woman. She calls herself a Mixed Media Healer, and her dream is to help others achieve health & happiness. Being taught and practicing energy medicine since the age of eight and professionally for twelve years now, she’s always been inspired by seeing others smile. She uses a blend of modern science and complementary medicine, and specializes in wellness coaching, massage therapy and alchemy.

Clients go home with tools for success, and are inspired as they discover their unlimited potential.  

Maria believes in Miracles as she sees her clients heal and flourish. Herself, is a victorious survivor of bad health, poor habits and lack of happiness.

Maria will tell you that…

• Healing is defined as ever growing wholeness through holistic reintegration of mind, body and spirit.

• Medicine is defined as anything that contributes to that wholeness.

• The human body is a complex and diverse ecology to be nourished and supported, not a machine, battlefield or temple to be fixed, won or cleansed.

• Assisting the body in regaining equilibrium, by nurturing the vital spirit without suppression. This is done through nourishing unique, individual people rather than eradicating pre-defined diseases.

• Maria does not treat healing as a battle. While she may also be a warrior, she understands that disease is not our enemy, but rather an ally and learning tool.

• Each wound, problem or illness is a gift, lesson or portal — an opportunity for further growth and wholeness.

Maria has earned many degrees in the healing arts, nutrition, life coaching, massage therapy, energy work and alchemy.