Sole Reading

Get to know your Soul

Do you know there are visible signs and hidden messages imprinted on your soles?

Have you noticed your feet change shapes/ direction/ size/ color? Each formation or feature on your feet is a metaphor and clue to understanding yourself, your life circumstances, past experiences and current issues. Your soles reveal how you cope with your feelings, thoughts and actions. As I read your feet and ask questions based on what they look like, you become aware of what needs to be healed and released. My powerful inquiries are also infused with my intuitive abilities, spiritual guidance and genuine care.

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60 Minutes 120$ ~ 30 minutes 60$


What does the Future Looks like?

Let’s discover what the future holds for you, so you can either rejoice or make changes to your current life’s choices. This will lead you to your Dreams come True!


30 Minutes 60$ - 60 Minutes 120$


Meaning of your Toes…

1 Big Toe is about Destiny.
2 Toe is about Communication.
3 Toe is about Action.
4 Toe is about Relationship.
5 Toe is about Trust.

Your Right Foot Represents how you relate to the world, work and relationships.

The Right Foot also represents your Male/Yang Energy, the Present, and your “Outer” world.

Your Left Foot Represents how you relate to yourself and Spirit.

The Left Foot also represents your Female/Yin Energy, the Past and your “Inner” world.