Spa & Wellness

When energy is unbalanced, blocked or fixed due to stress or other factors, pain and disease arise.

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Massage Therapy

60 Minutes $120 - 90 Minutes $150

Let go of stress, weight gain, fatigue and the emotional rollercoaster.

Stress takes its toll on our bodies. The constant high levels of cortisol in the body causes inflammation, which eventually affects the heart and blood vessels, bringing on high blood pressure, hypertension and, eventually, heart disease.


Chair Therapy

15 Minute $30 - 30 Minute $60

One of my Favorite offerings is Chair Therapy! Why?

**Because in as little as 15 minutes your day will be transformed.

Lunch Break Relief, After work Refresher, Instant Migrane Remedy, Day Uplifter! **

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Chakra Balancing

60 Minutes $150 - 90 Minutes $180

Chakras are the energy vortexes in your body. They are positioned along your spine and feed energy/CHI to all your major organs. Closed, blocked or fatiqued chakras lead to physical disease, lack of mental clarity, emotional instability and a whole bunch of other issues.

Come for a Chakra Balancing and experience life lighter, happier, and healthier.



60 Minutes $120 - 90 Minutes $150

Reflexology is the art of promoting circulation to every organ, system and glans of your body by targeting and stimulating certain points on the feet, hands and ears.

‘Issues addressed with reflexology are digestive problems, lowers back problems, migraines, fatigue, stagnate circulation, & more.

A brief Sole Reading is also included