I am Thrilled you are here!
— Maria

Living Happy & Healthy
is your Healing Stop during your busy day.
You will choose your services from the Menu, which includes:  Transformational Wellness Coaching, Chakra Balancing, Massage Therapy, Chair Massage, Reflexology, Tarot Reading, Sole Reading, Wellness Classes.

 My body scanning readings are accurate, insightful and entertaining! 

And if you give me your birthday;
Watch out, there will be nowhere to hide!
— Maria

Coaching & Wellness

Become your Best Version!
Get the Coaching that will Change your life Forever.

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Changing your body's frequency, to live a happy and healthy life.

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A simple innovative technique to heal your “issues”

Get rid of your“Issues” that got stored in your tissues, by tapping with your fingers tips!

The goal is to relate, lighten your load,  balance your nervous system, and manifest your dreams. 

The fun part, which is inspiring for both myself and my client, is the delivery of information, tools and insight that will assist you immediately in your life.
— Maria

Spa & Wellness

Gift your body with
Massage Therapy.

Massage helps with muscle pain, promotes better circulation for a better night sleep and a happier mood.



Sole Reading & Tarot Reading

Are you Curious to know what your future looks like?

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Sole Reading

Get to know your Soul….From your Soles to your soul!

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Tarot Reading

Revealing & illuminating what is unconscious, so that it may become conscious.

Raise the Vibration

Invite positive energy and good fortune into your Space


Home Blessings

Your home is an extension of your body and spirit. As you give to your home, you give to yourself.

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Body Frequency Education

Changing your body's frequency, to live a happy and healthy life.


Book your Private Event

Ready to be inspired, learn and laugh a whole lot?

Experience a few hours of inspiration that will last you a lifetime! Increase the health, happiness and wellbeing of your family, friends or employees!


Reserve Your Adventure

Ready to take that trip to Greece?

Summer 2020


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6991 E Camelback Rd
Scottsdale, AZ, 85251, D-300

(480) 776-4767

I am Located by Fashion Square Mall, in Old Town Scottsdale Arizona. Crossroads are Camelback Rd & Goldwater. Look for "City Hall Steakhouse" and my Office building entrance will be to the right. Take the elevator to the 3rd floor. There you will be greeted by the reception and they will inform me of your arrival. See you soon!


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Maria is like a Magician! She simply uses all of her gifts and erases aches, pains, and hurts in the body, mind and spirit
— Janell, New Mexico

In a world of those who claim to have all sorts of skills and powers, Maria is actually the real deal. She works with the highest integrity, and if her medicine is not for you, she will tell you. Maria is refreshing. An exemplary energy healer.
— Heather, Arizona
Truly a woman of her craft. Maria is by far the most in tune and effective healer I have ever been to. I always feel lighter and like a new woman.
— Amyra, Dubai

The massage and therapeutic services provided by Maria are extraordinary. Her intuitive touch connects with the individual needs of her clients and restores health. balance and wellbeing. I can’t recommend highly enough, she is truly amazing.
— Jeff, Scottsdale

Maria’s wisdom has opened vistas for me towards the physical, relationship, mindset and spiritual healing and resetting, which have brought unprecedented beauty and hope into my life and business.
— Marco, Philippines

Maria has a big heart. She is concerned about what bothers you and works around it to make you feel better and fix it. She is the Best!
— Dina, Greece

One of the most profoundly epic sessions I’ve ever had, she knew things about my body that I didn’t even have to mention.
— Jony, Tuscon

Maria is the best at what she does. It took only one appointment and I have been with Maria almost five years.
— Alex, China

Maria Kalamas is an amazing spiritual healer, massage therapist, life coach and many more. Some of the things that she taught me, which made my everyday life a better life, was to be open, willing, forgiving and to love. She helped me get to know my thoughts and beliefs, those separate from my family, friends, and partner. She challenged my fearful and limited beliefs and helped me to release the past. I love her energy. She is exactly what you see when you meet her!
— Vaso, Phoenix

I knew a session with Maria will be amazing. But she completely blew my mind! I not only got everything I needed but it was beyond my expectations. She is such a generous healer and a wise teacher. I will be back!
— Joanna Z. Scottsdale
Maria’s Energy is always very bright and easy to be with. I go in to see her carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders, then leave feeling light as a feather. Somehow, between the time I lay on her table and leave, my stress has been completely processed and released down to a cellular level. I love Maria... She is Amazing
— Coreen Zalot
Maria gave the most amazing healing ritual to me. She is highly skilled and intuitive which enabled me to relax and receive her soul medicine. Maria uses the finest products and definitely walks her talk. As a healer myself, I can whole-heartedly say that Maria is in a category of BEST of the best!
— Nicole- Yoga/Massage Therapist
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