Private Events

Sole Reading Party

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Do you know there are visible signs and hidden messages imprinted on your soles?

Have you noticed your feet change shapes/ direction/ size/ color?

Each formation or feature on your feet is a metaphor and clue to understanding yourself, your life circumstances, past experiences and current issues. Your soles reveal how you cope with your feelings, thoughts and actions. As we read your feet and ask questions based on what they look like, you become aware of what needs to be healed and released. Our powerful inquiries are also infused with our intuitive abilities, spiritual guidance and genuine care.

Book A Tapping Class

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Learn to Tap-Tap-Tap all your pains and worries away!

Classes are Open to everyone that is looking to take their life in their hands, by learning a powerful, yet easy self-healing technique.

The class covers the history, philosophy, and components of the EFT/Tapping process, the basic protocol and its application, assessment and testing tools to determine progress, as well as case histories and how to treat self, others, and stubborn cases.

Speaking Engagements


Ready to be inspired, learn and laugh a whole lot?

Increase the potential and effectiveness of your family, friends or employees!

I will create a Workshop/Class/Talk that meets the needs of your company/group to be inspired, motivated for positive growth, health, and happiness.

Receive tools and techniques that will enhance alertness, decrease stress, reduce anxiety, increase job performance, and improve relationships.